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In 1927, a Meeting was Held in Alturas... An article in the Alturas Plaindealer, December 16, 1927 reported “last Saturday evening, a number of business and professional men of Alturas met at the Congregational Church to discuss the advisability of forming a Rotary Club in Alturas.”

The presentation of the new charter was held at the Niles hotel March 2, 1928. Over 200 Rotarians, wives, guests, and visiting dignitaries, arrived by train and auto. After the dinner meeting and program, a dance was held at the MUHS Hall, with music by Huicks Collegians. 

The club held its first official meeting at the Ladies Civic Club on March 6, 1928.  A few months later, the meeting place was moved to the Niles Hotel, where it remained until 1975 when temporary closing of the Niles caused it to move to the Brass Rail. In 2014, the club returned to the Niles Hotel.

Jim Cavasso,

Metal; Owner Modoc Steel, Subway and Niles Hotel

Member since 2002

Elizabeth Cavasso,

Wildland Fire Management USFS, retired; Co-owner Niles Hotel

​Member since 2003

OFFICERS 2018-19

Club of Alturas

Danny Koetsier,

Commander, California Highway Patrol

Member since 2018

Leta Bethel, Propane Retail, retired

Member since 1996

Fritz Barclay,

Law - General,

Modoc County Superior Court Judge

​Member since 1987

President: Dianna Bass

President Elect, 2019-20: Sandy Stevenson

President Nominee 201-20: TBD
Secretary: Dick Read/Paul Dolby
Treasurer: Kathy Delgado

Dick Read,

Executive Assistant, U.S. Forest Service, retired

Member since 2012

Clarence McCarty,

Pastor, Christian Life Assembly

Honorary Rotarian since 2015

Dianna Bass, Restaurant Management,

​Member since 2012


Doug Johnson,

Honorary member  since 2013

Karen Shimamoto,

Forest Supervisor, U.S. Forest Service, retired

Member since 2010

Walt Davis,

Financial Advisor Edward Jones

​Member since 2014



President: Dianna Bass

President Elect, 2019-2020: Sandy Stevenson

Immediate Past President: Dianna Bass

Secretary: Dick Read/Paul Dolby
Treasurer: Kathy Delgado
Director: Bobby Ray
Director: Jim Cavasso
Director: Laine Hoy

Alan Cain

President Pioneer Auto Body, Inc.

Member since 1996

John Tvrdervich,

Honorary Rotarian

since 2015


Laine Hoy,

Heavy Equipment Civil Consultant; White Bear Construction

​Member since 2012

Jeanne Cain, Member since 2003

Onalea Sweeney,

Real Estate

Member since 2017

Amanda McAdams,

Forest Supervisor, U.S. Forest Service

Member since 2014

Paul Dolby,

Insurance; Dolby Insurance Services

​Member since 1989

Sandy Stevenson,

Real Estate; Owner Stevenson Realty

Member since 2017

Future Rotarian,

Community leader with a heart for "Service Above Self"

Amy Foster,

Registered Nurse and Certified Massage Therapist

Member since 2016

Dave Pena,

Member since 2017

Jim Wills,

Commander California Highway Patrol, retired

​Member since 2007​​

Barry Pierce,

Member since 2018

Bobby Ray,

Accounting, retired

Member since 1975

Joy Johnson,

Child Custody Counselor, Probate Investigator

Member  since 2013

John Wisser,

Owner John Wisser Plumbing and Contracting

Honorary Member since 2014

Mike Mason,

Law Enforcement, retired

Member since 1993

Cathy Delgado,

Bank Manager

​Member since 2017

Carol Sharp,

Public Affairs, U.S. Forest Service, retired; Sharp Consulting

Member since 2009

David Mason,

Law, Modoc County Superior Court Judge

Member since 1996

Cathleen Williamson,

Real Estate

Member since 2017

1928-29    J.H. Mahan              

1929-30    C.S. Baldwin

1930-31    E.F. Auble

1931-32    Crait Jarman               

1932-33    O.D. Morgan

1933-34    Mitchell Tillotson

1934-35    Phil Woodward

1935-36    John O. Cummings

1936-37    Ray Hards

1937-38    Francis Drag

1938-39    Bert Helms

1939-40    Warren M. Sloss

1940-41    Marks Smith

1941-42    Nels Mathews

1942-43    Clarence Ebbe

1943-44    Leon Johnson

1944-45    Paul Reimer

1945-46    Paul Tanner

1946-47    Orville Spath

1947-48    Reuel Laird

1949-50    Dr. Philip McKenney

1950-51    James R. Laird

1951-52    A.B. Wilson

1952-53    Frank DeVore

1953-54    Orville W. Boyd

1954-55    Karol Woodward
1955-56    James L. Reid
1956-57    G. Guy Young
1957-58    Glenn Flournoy
1958-59    Nolan Bannister
1959-60    Paul B. Baker
1960-61    David W. Metlen
1961-62    Kent Larsen
1962-63    Daly Brown
1963-64    Norval Eastin
1964-65    Raymond Callaghan
1965-66    Floyd Porter
1966-67    Maurice "Mick" Jones (D.G. 1976-77)
1967-68    K.C. Tierney
1968-69    Robert L. Sloss
1969-70    Dave Stomps
1970-71    Harry O. Flournoy
1971-72    Bill Tierney
1972-73    R.A. "Pete" Stanford
1973-74    Russell Stauffer
1974-75    Gordon House
1975-76    John Joines
1976-77    Glenn Jobe
1977-78    Jim Knauss

1978 79    Robert Brooks

1979-80    Neal Phillips
1980-81    Guy M. Young
1981-82    Rob Flournoy
1982-83    Bobby G. Ray
1983-84    Cecil Pierce
1984-85    John Baker
1985-86    Donald D. Crum
1986-87    Joe Coffin (D.G. 1996-97)
1987-88    Richard Steyer
Dr. Paul Nielson (D.G. 1987-88)
1988-89    Anthony Lelli
1989-90    Dean Harbaugh
1990-91    Daniel Silveria
1991-92    Seab McDonald
1992-93    Frank Burk
1993-94    Francis "Fritz" Barclay
1994-95    William Madison
1995-96    John Dedrick
1996-97    Walter Davis
1997-98    Anthony Lelli / Donald D. Crum
1998-99    Mike Mason
1999-00    Phil Smith

2000-01    Roger Dorris
2001-02    David Mason
2002-03    Alan Cain (D.G. 2011-12)
2003-04    Leta Bethel
2004-05    Jim Cavasso
2005-06    Carol Callaghan
2006-07    Jeanne Cain
2007-08    Jeanne Cain
2008-09    Tim Burke
2009-10    Penny Cruse
2010-11    Jim Wills
2011-12    Elizabeth Cavasso
2012-13    Carol Sharp
2013-14    Elizabeth Cavasso
2014-15    Karen Shimamoto
2015-16    Matt Cruse
2016-17    Joy Johnson

2017-18   Dianna Bass

2018-19   Dianna Bass

2019-20  Sandy Stevenson

​2020-21 TBD